The western research institute is mainly responsible for the joint research center of petroleum pipeline jointly built by the institute of pipe research and tarim oil field, the research institute of petroleum pipeline and corrosion prevention of tarim engineering institute, and the centralized management of all kinds of business of the institute in xinjiang.

-- Scientific and technological research

Centered on Xinjiang region, the research was carried out in the aspects of pipe string integrity/reliability, corrosion and protection, and development and application of advanced pipe materials.

-- Failure analysis, field testing and safety evaluation

Responsible for the failure analysis and prevention of all types of petroleum pipelines in Xinjiang, organize relevant departments of pipe research institute to conduct nondestructive inspection and thread testing of in-service pipes and related products to evaluate the safety of petroleum pipelines.

-- Development and application of relevant technologies and products

Responsible for the promotion and application of corrosion inhibitor, thread grease and other products on site.

-- Evaluation of oil pipeline quality

Organize or contact relevant departments of pipe research institute to carry out performance sampling inspection on all new and batch oil special pipes entering Xinjiang region according to international standard. The work scope includes: simulating the downhole working conditions of the physical performance test, material performance test, cooperate with the arrival of goods inspection, etc.

-- Quality supervision of oil pipe production

Organize or contact the relevant departments of pipe research institute to undertake the task of supervising the production of oil pipe in Xinjiang region. The scope of supervising products includes: oil well pipe, conveying pipe and related products.

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Director and Secretary: Luo Jinheng Tel: 13991972190; E-mail: