Working Responsibilities:
(1) Technical strategy development plan and annual technical plan development.
(2) Technical innovation strategy and development and operation of science & technology management policy system.
(3) Science & technology project management. Organize applied basic research, technology development, technical achievement transformation.
(4) Science & technology funds management. Organize science & research funds budget and annual funds plan.
(5) Science & technology achievement, intellectual property management.
(6) Department science & technology  project management.
(7) Cooperation with others and promotion and application of new technology, new products.
(8) Customer management, customer satisfaction investigation.
(9) Talent introduction and academic communication.
(10) Application and organization of fixed assets investment plan.
(11) Investment plan and science & research achievement evaluation.
(12) Technical consultation and organization for Great projects.
(13) Varieties of associations & society management.
(14) Science & technology committee routine work.
(15) Coordinate TGRI external science and technology cooperation.


Department director: Lin Kai Tel: 029-81887846 Email: