Management of standardization committee on oil tubular goods and management of secretariat of CPS
--Levels of secretariats (ISO/TC67/SC2, nation, industry, CNPC and TGRI), PTG/CPS secretariat and ISO, API mirror committee routine management

Standardization work on oil tubular goods:
(1) Standard development and revise and promotion
(2) International standardization work
(3) Standard check, lending and service

Information construction:
(4) Network construction, operation and maintenance
(5) File management and service
(6) Books and periodicals lending service
(7) Editing and publishing the periodical of Petroleum Tubular Goods & Instruments
(8) Oil technical information collection and processing

Technical consultation and service:
(9) Oil tube standard information consultation and service
(10) Standard development and revise of joint-project
(11) Corporation standard perfection and review
(12) Standard promotion and training
(13) Oil technical information consultation
(14) Sales of standard, books, meeting materials

Development strategy and soft science research of CNPC & TGRI 

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