The Institute of Failure Analysis and Intelligent Simulation provides scientific research and technical services on the frontier scientific theories and engineering application technologies of failure analysis and intelligent simulation for oil pipes and equipment in the global oil and gas field. For complex conditions, such as oil and gas drilling, pipeline, refining, from the component bearing capacity, the service load conditions and environmental conditions of research, integration of materials science and engineering, petroleum engineering, failure to learn, engineering mechanics, corrosion and protection, test analysis and other traditional disciplines and cloud computing, Internet of things, 5 g, big data, digital technologies such as artificial intelligence, Carry out failure mechanism analysis, verification and evaluation, failure control, prediction and prevention, failure case database and failure analysis network construction of oil pipe and equipment materials. Intelligent detection and data collection and processing of pipes, intelligent simulation analysis and design of tubing and equipment materials and structures, optimization of corrosion control of pipes and equipment in service based on big data, material selection, design, evaluation and application promotion of new materials based on artificial intelligence, etc. The related research results are closely combined with the digitization and standardization of oil pipes, providing technical support for the core capability improvement in the oil and gas field, the transformation and upgrading and value growth of the industry, and the efficient and safe service of oil pipes and equipment.

The main business areas include:

1. Failure accident investigation, failure mechanism analysis, verification and evaluation of pipe and equipment materials

2. New technology for failure control and healthy operation of pipe and equipment materials

3. Construction of pipe and equipment material failure analysis network and expert system

4. Intelligent pipe evaluation and efficient data collection and processing for the whole manufacturing-service scenario

5. Database construction, machine learning and data mining technology for service performance of pipe and equipment materials

6. Intelligent simulation and visual simulation of the service behavior (mechanics and environment) of pipe string/ground pipeline and other equipment

7. Intelligent manufacturing, safety operation and maintenance and intelligent control of pipes and equipment used in oil and gas fields

8. Corrosion control optimization of pipe and equipment based on big data

9. Application research of aluminum/titanium alloy and other high strength and low density oil well pipe and graphene functionalized new materials

10. Selection, design, development, evaluation, application and promotion of fusion technology of new materials based on artificial intelligence

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