Xi 'an Sanhuan Oil Pipe Technology Co., Ltd. is affiliated to CNPC Oil Pipe Engineering Technology Research Institute. Relying on the State Key Laboratory of Service Behavior and Structural Safety of Oil Pipe and Equipment Materials, it carries out the transformation of the innovative results of major research and development projects and realizes the industrialization development.

The company is mainly engaged in oil pipe, chemical products, corrosion protection, intelligent and environmental protection technology and equipment research and development, promotion and application and technical services. Corrosion inhibitor, screw thread grease series products have been in Tarim Oilfield, Changqing Oilfield, Sinopec Northwest Oilfield, Xinjiang Oilfield and other applications of more than 2,000 tons; It can also provide engineering and technical services for oil and gas fields, such as strengthening and plugging of gathering and transportation pipelines, comprehensive treatment of casing damaged Wells, anti-corrosion of equipment and pipes, quality inspection of materials, etc.

Relying on the scientific research strength of the Management Research Institute, Company research and development of the expansion pipe, low energy consumption wastewater treatment technology, the intelligent pipeline monitoring, room temperature curing organic coating, metallurgical double metal composite tube, tungsten alloy plating, titanium alloy/aluminum alloy tubing and drill pipe and other new materials, new technologies and new products will continue to unconventional oil and gas, super deep well in long horizontal Wells, deep Wells at home and abroad such as extreme oil and gas development environment to provide targeted solutions.

The company has completed more than 50 national, provincial and ministerial scientific research projects and horizontal oilfield projects, including 1 national science and technology award, 14 provincial science and technology award, and more than 50 authorized patents. Making and revising more than 20 standards. Three-ring companies will always adhering to the "industry as the standard, science and technology as the basic, serve as the soul, oil field as root" the objective, in line with the "unity, self-improvement, pragmatic, innovative" spirit of pragmatic, innovation management pattern, the company step by step into a tube institute of oilfield services window and industrialization base, become the industry in the "international famous, powerful, can not be replaced by" of the high-tech companies.

Contact Information:

General Manager: Yin Chengxian Tel: 029-81887908 Email: yincx@cnpc.com.cn

Secretary: Li Jike Tel: 029-81887863 Email: lijike@cnpc.com.cn

Deputy General Manager: Zhang Juantao Tel: 029-81887897 Email: zhangjuantao@cnpc.com.cn

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