According to tubular goods development requirement, Petroleum Tubular Goods Committee of Chinese Petroleum Society is approved to establish by China Science Association and CPS.

As the directly coordinative society of CPS, its tenet is serve for China oil industry development, for technicians, for technical improvement of oil tubular goods industry; organize technicians of PTG to start home and abroad technical or academic communication; hold professional technical training; advance oil tubular goods relevant research, product, check and application; PTG sticks to academic and structure democracy, according to subject development and technology application to organize activities.

There are 100 members of PTG, directly coordinative to CPS, rely on CNPC Tubular Goods Research Institute.

PTG structure:
Chairman: Zhang Guanjun
Honorary chairman: Li Helin
Vice chairman member: Si Zhimin, Jiang Wei, Sun Kaiming
Secretary: Qin Changyi
Vice secretary: Wang Junliang, Teng Shengguang, Zhao Dongyan
Secretariat: CNPC Tubular Goods Research Institute
Address: 89 Jinye Second Road, Xi’an Shaanxi, post code:710077
Contact: Ma Xiaofang email:
Tel: (029)81887825  fax: (029)81887995