40 core technologies of TGRI in OCTG & linepipe engineering field are as follows:
Oil & gas line pipe field:
1. High-performance pipeline pipe applied technology
(a) Technology of high-performance pipeline steel structural identification and performance comprehensive evaluation
(b) Technology of high-performance pipeline steel key index confirmation and tubular goods selection
(c) Applied technology of line pipe under special service situation (low temperature/corrosion)
(d) Physical performance evaluation technology of high-performance linepipe
(e) Key technology of anti-deformation steel pipe
(f) Fracture control technology of high-pressure &large diameter gas transmission pipe
(g) Mill supervision & quality guarantee technology of oil & gas transportation pipe
(h) Key index and applied technology of non-metallic / composite tubular goods
2. Pipeline steel, steel pipe and special material heat treatment technology
(a) Welding technology of high strength pipeline steel
(b) Welding technology of stainless steel, 9Ni steel
(c) Material selection and manufacture technology of high strength bend and tee joint
(d) Pipe fitting processing technology of stainless steel and composite material
3. Pipeline integrity technology
(a) Oil& gas risk evaluation technology
(b) Risk based pipe inspection technology
(c) Pipe containing defects integrity evaluation technology
(d) Pipe repairing technology
(e) Industry pipeline integrity technology
4. Storage & transportation facility integrity technology
(a) Normal pressure storage tank integrity evaluation technology
(b) Pressure vessel integrity evaluation technology
(c)Gas storage risk evaluation and integrity management technology
5. Oil & gas linepipe corrosion evaluation and protection technology
(a) Linepipe and anti-corrosion material performance test and evaluation technology
(b) Long-distance pipeline soil corrosion inspection, supervision and prediction & protection
(c) Oil & gas gathering pipeline corrosion inspection, supervision and prediction & protection