1. Failure mechanism and prevention of oil well pipe

2. Service condition analysis and applicability evaluation of oil well pipe

3. Material selection, verification and evaluation of oil well pipes

4. Oil well string design and mechanical simulation analysis

5. Structural integrity and safety reliability of oil well string

6. Research and application of new materials, new processes and new structures for oil and gas well pipes

7. Research and application of mechanical material system for oil drilling and production

8, oil well pipe ordering technical conditions, use specifications, material selection and application and other technical consulting services

9. Research on pipe and string technology in shale gas, high acid oil and gas Wells, high temperature and high pressure oil and gas Wells, injection and drive production Wells, gas storage Wells and offshore oil and gas Wells under complex conditions

10. Casing, coiled tubing, special threaded pipe, aluminum alloy pipe, titanium alloy pipe, sulfur resistant drill pipe, directional crossing drill pipe, surface modified oil casing and other high-performance advanced materials and structures are adopted for heavy oil heating

11. Operation and management of strategic alliance for technological innovation of well pipe and string Contact Information:

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