Established in December 1999, OCTG Engineering Key Laboratory (Oil Country Tubular Goods mechanics and environment behavior key laboratory) is the key laboratory of CNPC and with the main body of CNPC Tubular Goods Research Institute, it is established together with China Petroleum University (Beijing), Southwest Petroleum University and so on and the key laboratory has a research on OCTG engineering basic application and advanced technology storage, also It is the base for OCTG S&R, technical innovation and talent cultivation. OCTG key laboratory aims at OCTG engineering basic application research, advanced technology storage, resolving top technology and bottleneck problems in current or future in great projects of OCTG field and at general problems research, it is the research base for OCTG basic application research and advanced research in oil & gas exploration, development, storage and refining field, it is the base for S&R, management and experiment talent cultivation in OCTG engineering field and it is the base for oil tube international & national academic communication in CNPC and China, also it is an open research and experiment base. Main R&D fields are: the research on OCTG & string mechanics, line pipe transportation and pipeline mechanics, pipeline safety and integrity technical research, oil tube failure analysis & protection and oil tube corrosion & protection.

There are over 90 technicians in the key laboratory, among them, postgraduates take up over 60%, and doctors take up 32%. The lab has more than 60 sets of experiment equipment which value is 64.475 million Yuan.

In recent 3 years, the key laboratory focus on OCTG & pipe string mechanics, line pipe and pipeline mechanics, corrosion & protection, oil tube failure diagnoses & protection etc., undertakes national natural sciences fund project, 973 national projects, the key project of National Economic and Trade Commission, tens of key laboratory basic application research projects and gains creative achievements, which provides technical support for oilfield key exploration project and great pipeline construction and obtains economic and social benefits. It also undertakes 30 longitudinal scientific projects and 70 lateral scientific projects; it has finished 4 national projects and over 20 CNPC basic application research projects, technology D&R projects and the China Youth innovation funds projects; it has published 350 papers, over 50 papers is indexed by EI and SCI, 7 Monographs; including 30 international meeting papers, 115 domestic meeting papers; develop 5 sets equipment, 6 sets software; 32 patent applications with 15 authorized, and gained 31 technical achievement reward of provincial-ministerial levels.

In OCTG mechanics behavior research, the laboratory mainly focus on key technology and bottleneck technology, as well as the advanced OCTG technology in exploratory development of western deep oil well, extra deep well and HTHP gas well, does the basic application research work in OCTG filed, and provides technical support for western oilfields important exploration engineering and application of advanced well drilling. In pipe string mechanics research and safety design, the laboratory mainly focus on research on the safety and optimum design of complex gas well casing string and drilling pipe elements, which provides theory support for the tubular goods selection of well drilling and completion and forms the relative evaluation method and analysis software, which gives technical support for safety production, and substantially reduces the cost.

In line pipe and pipeline mechanics behavior research, concentrate on the construction of West-East Natural Gas Transportation Project, Shaanxi-Beijing Second Pipeline, X80 experimental section of Ji-Ning pipeline and other important projects, the laboratory has key research on domestically produced technology of the high grade pipeline steel and large diameter gas transmission steel pipe use in West-East Natural Gas Transportation Project, pipeline safety reliability and selection of the weld pipe type and material in West-East Project, and X70 pipeline structure property and fracture control, which provides important technical support for the construction of West-East Project, Shaanxi-Beijing Second Pipeline, and X80 experimental section of Ji-Ning pipeline.

In OCTG environment behavior research, the key lab combines the development of CO2 containing high yield oil-gas field in western Tarim and high-sulfur gas field in Sichuan, it has obtained a lot of research achievements with a high theoretical and practical application value in the aspect of CO2, H2S of OCTG corrosion mechanism and rule and multiphase flow environment, which serves the oil field industry and brings economic and social benefits.

In OCTG failure judgment, prediction and prevention research, the laboratory does plenty of systematical researches on the pipeline inspection, defect pipeline applicability evaluation, pipeline risk evaluation and defect pipeline repair technology . Through the research, the laboratory has established risk-based pipeline inspection optimum technology; has developed the pressure pipe applicability evaluation software and has formed relatively pipeline safety evaluation method and technology. The research results have already been applied in West-East Project, Shaanxi-Beijing Second Pipeline and other pipelines, which promotes the safety operation of transportation pipeline.

In petroleum tubular material structure and property research, the laboratory has carried out the study on acicular ferrite structure research of X70 pipeline steel used in natural gas pipeline, systematically developed 2205 duplex stainless steel and organized the massive research on the determine methods and key index, edited and published the “the microstructure analysis and distinguish atlas of the micro alloy high strength pipeline steel”, and provided important scientific basis for the optimization of the pipeline design and the safety management after pipeline built.