1. Study on environmental adaptability evaluation method of oil and gas field non-metal and its composite pipe in service.

2. Study on the material selection technology of non-metal and its composite material pipes.

3. Study on long-term service performance and damage mechanism of nonmetallic composite pipes.

4. Remaining life prediction of non-metal composite pipe.

5. Design and development of new non-metal and its composite pipes in harsh environment of oil and gas fields.

6. Research on the physical evaluation technology of non-metal composite pipes for oil and gas fields.

7.Research on application technology of Marine flexible composite pipe.

8. Failure analysis of non-metal and composite pipes.

9. Development, application technical service and consultation of non-metal and composite pipes.

10. Study on the standardization system of non-metal and composite pipe materials and formulation of standards.

11. Research on technology of repairing steel pipe with non-metal and composite materials.

12.Research on Nondestructive Testing and On-line Testing Technology of Nonmetallic Composite Pipe.

13. Integrity management of non-metal and composite pipes used in oil and gas fields.

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