The National Petroleum Pipe Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is authorized by the Certification and Accreditation Administration to undertake product quality inspection and arbitration inspection of product quality disputes in product quality supervision and sampling inspection organized and carried out by government departments in accordance with the Authorization and Management Measures of the National Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center. And, in the name of the National Center for Supervision and Inspection of Product Quality, an inspection organization for product quality that issues data and results with the function of certification to the public.

I. Qualification certificate

This center approved by state certification and accreditation, the "special tubing oil industry quality supervision and inspection center", on the basis of laboratory approval by the state certification and accreditation organizations, metrology accreditation and recognition review review and authorized, and by the general administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine (now the national administration of market regulation) and joint post formally approved the establishment by state certification and accreditation. National oil pipe quality supervision and inspection center have aptitude measurement certification, qualification authentication, authorization certificate, national pressure pipe components manufacturing license certificate of appraisal review agencies, national special equipment inspection test (type test) agency approval certificate, the oil industry is special pipe material quality supervision inspection center aptitude measurement certification, China national petroleum corporation pipes Institute of oil pipe testing laboratory accreditation certificate.

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II. Scope of inspection authorized by CMA and CNAS

CMA, CNAS authorized inspection product categories include casing, tubing, drill pipe, sucker rod, drill pipe joints, drill string conversion joint drill pipe, drill collar, integral aggravated, kelly, drill stabilizer, wire rope, welded steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, oil and gas transmission pipe and pipe fittings, drilling tool thread compound, casing thread compound, polyethylene pipe, glass tube, pipe and pipe, anticorrosive, not of metal Layer and coating raw materials and other 27 categories of products. 364 authorization standards.

Metal materials and metal products include chemical composition, metallographic analysis, nondestructive testing, mechanical properties, anti-corrosion testing, physical properties of six categories of testing fields.

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CNAS实验室认可检测能力范围.pdf 资质认定检测能力范围.pdf

III. Authorization of administrative licensing business

Special equipment administrative license appraisal scope: pressure pipe components: A, B grade seamless steel pipe, welded steel pipe, non-metallic material pipe, non-metallic pipe fittings, composite pipe, composite pipe fittings, non-welded pipe fittings (seamless pipe fittings), forging pipe fittings; B class welded pipe fittings (seam fittings) pipe fittings.

Allowed to special equipment inspection detection (type test) scope of work: pressure pipe with steel tube, pipe anti-corrosion components, pressure pipe fittings and other components (limited seam pipe, seamless pipe fittings), pressure piping with nonmetallic pipe and pipe fittings (limit of polyethylene (PE) pipe and pipe fittings, metal enhanced PE composite pipe, PE material).

IV. Commissioned inspection and test

Quality inspection center at the same time to carry out quality objection to the arbitration inspection, identification and evaluation, quality analysis, oil casing 4 physical evaluation test, quality consulting service, the special inspection, import and export commodity inspection and new product oil pipeline design validation and qualification admittance and order inspection, material procurement, e-commerce manufacturer evaluation and supervision and inspection, working condition of oil and gas field adaptability evaluation test, the stone Calibration and inspection of oil thread gauges.

V. Personnel and equipment

The center has a high level technical team with a reasonable professional structure and ladder. The center has 81 personnel, of whom 90% are professional technicians. The center has a complete set of international advanced testing and experimental instruments and equipment valued at 173.09 million yuan, and the total number of instruments and equipment is more than 300 sets/set. Among them, the technical performance of a number of key equipment, such as the full-size physical test system of petroleum tubing, the thread detection and value transfer system, and the high-temperature and high-pressure corrosion test system, has reached the international advanced level.

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