Mining Area Service
(1) Overall water, heat, gas, electricity system guaranty, special equipment management and maintenance
(2) Overall management on real estate, single department, relevant policy of housing
(3) Material & consumption purchase, ware management, abandoned items management and dealing
(4) Routine management of material yard
(5) Typing, copy, newspaper receiving and management
(6) Staff canteen management
(7) Logistics service management including external contract, logistics check and supervision
(8) Electricity office, boiler room, hygiene, greening plan and supervision management
(9) Society committee and public affairs comprehensive management
(10) Retiree cultural & entertainment center management
(11) Security and fire control
(12) Mining service and relevant work
(13) Retiree management work
(14) Scheduled bus management
(15) Basic construction project operation management, cost control and check
(16) Experiment and testing equipment maintenance
(17) Routine work of logistics committee
(18) Coordination and contact of owner management committee

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