1. Research on safety evaluation technology of conveying pipe and pipeline

2. Correct selection and rational utilization of materials for oil and gas storage and transportation facilities

3, oil and gas pipeline service conditions and pipe technical indicators.

4. Study on performance testing and characterization methods of oil and gas conveying pipes.

5. Study on weldability and welding technology of high-performance pipeline steel materials.

6. Research on application technology of special performance materials for oil and gas transportation and storage.

7. Development and application of new products of high-performance pipeline and steel pipes.

8. Revision of pipe material standards for oil and gas transmission pipelines.

9. Failure analysis of oil and gas pipelines.

10, pipeline special test methods to study toughness, wide plate tensile, blasting, bending, leakage, jet fire.

11, hydrogen, carbon dioxide and other media transport and storage materials application technology research.

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