Liu Yaxu, Executive Director, Party Secretary

Zhao Xinwei, General Manager, Deputy Party Secretary

CNPC Tubular Goods Research Institute(TGRI) is a research institute directly under China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC). It is the core scientific research institution of China national Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) in the field of petroleum pipeline engineering technology.

Over the past 40 years, TGRI has been adhering to the purpose of "innovation, far-reaching, rigorous and fair", and has been devoting itself to scientific research, quality supervision and technical services by serving the main business of exploration and development, oil and gas storage and transportation, refining and chemical industry, equipment manufacturing and engineering technology of China and the national Petroleum Corporation. A series of major, common and key technical problems in the field of petroleum pipeline engineering technology have been solved, and fruitful results have been achieved, which provides technical guarantee for the development of national petroleum industry

In the future, the development of oil and gas industry for oil pipeline engineering technology put forward higher request, we will with the construction of the international first-class research institute as the goal, comprehensively deepen the reform of scientific and technological system and further to promote technology innovation and management innovation, for the efficient security development of oil and gas fields, oil and gas pipelines and provide technical support to the safe operation of refining device, reduce the safety risk and accident rate, Give full play to the technical support role of Engineering Materials Research Institute Co., Ltd. in increasing benefits, reducing costs and ensuring safety in petroleum industry, and make greater contributions to the sustainable and healthy development of national petroleum industry.