Working Responsibilities:
(1) Contract management. management of types of contracts review, confirmation, seal, records and archive, and organize important contract negotiation and review.
(2) Assets operation management. according to national law, regulation and rules, develop TGTI assets operation management regulatory rules.
(3) Legal business management. Deal with legal business in the assets operation, provide legal argument on legal dispute, big operation decision and provide legal support and service for key project.
(4) Undertake legal publicity and education and advisory services. Responsible for handling legal disputes, participate in investment (financing), equity, assets and other legal matters negotiation and legal argument.
(5) Price system management. connected to operation situation, organize to revise price system and be responsible for price control & explanation in operation.
(6) Brand certification & quality management.
(7) Establish brand qualification management system and workflow, organize annual brand qualification examination, inspection work.
(8) Bidding of the procurement project, inquiry, business negotiation management.
(9) Open bid management. management of suppliers' certification and review of CNPC sub-suppliers' certification
(10) Internal control manual revision, organize internal control testing and effectiveness evaluation.
(11) Comprehensively carry out risk assessment work, standardize risk management reporting procedures and basic risk management work.
(7) Internal control & risk management. develop, organize and operate risk management report.
(12) Plan, organization and operation of internal audit work
(13) Routine dynamic performance assessment management.
(14) Device management. Organize random checks to supervise equipment usage.
(15) Supervise subsidiary specification management.

Director: She Weijun Tel: 029-81887698
Deputy director: Gao Jianhua  Tel: 029-81887689  Email: