Working Responsibilities:
(1) Organize cadre management. Mid-level cadre and backup team construction, management of cadre cultivation, selection, inspection and appointment.
(2) Party member team construction and routine work of Party Committee.
(3) Professional technician and management talent team construction and management of technical titles and job qualification.
(4) Staff training, career technical education management.
(5) Annual assessment of all departments and mid-level cadre and staff annual work assessment.
(6) Recruitment management and organize talent introduction.
(7) Management of Personnel information system and personnel file.
(8) Structure organization and regulation and staff norm management.
(9) Staff team management. Team construction, staff general quantity management, employment system, employment relationship and processing of employment dispute.
(10) Staff discipline, attendance management.
(11) Salary system management and stimulating policy development.
(12) Salary regulation & control, cost statistic analysis and comprehensive analysis.
(13) Social Insurance, enterprise annuity, medical care insurance and management of retirees living subsidies.
(14) The daily work of the Communist Youth League organization and implementation
(15) Supervision of subsidiary personnel & salary management.
(16) Personnel committee routine work.
Director: Zhang Guangli Tel: 029-81887633  Email:
Deputy Director: Lu Panhui Tel:029-81887621; Email: