The State Key Laboratory of Service Behavior and Structural Safety of Petroleum Pipe and Equipment Materials is one of the state key laboratories of enterprises approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology in September 2015. It is supported by CNPC Petroleum Pipeline Engineering Technology Research Institute.

Laboratory oriented society, and oil and gas industry in the future development needs, to carry out the oil pipe and equipment materials service behavior and applied basic research in the field of structural safety and common technology research before competition, in order to enhance national oil pipe and equipment supporting ability of science and technology as the goal, to develop oil pipe, the key technologies of the application of the equipment, set up failure control theory, Forming the core technology system and standard system of service behavior and structural safety of oil pipe and equipment materials, gathering and training outstanding talents, leading and driving the technological progress of the industry.

The laboratory has five research directions: safety evaluation of conveying pipe and pipeline, failure prevention of oil well pipe and string, corrosion and protection of oil pipe and equipment, refining equipment and materials, advanced materials and application technology.

The laboratory consists of a general office, a post-doctoral workstation, six research institutes and a western blasting test site. The general office is responsible for the daily management and operation of the laboratory. Oil Well Pipe and String Research Institute, Conveying Pipe and Pipeline Research Institute, Corrosion and Protection Research Institute (Refining and Chemical Equipment and Materials Research Institute), Safety Evaluation and Integrity Research Institute, Non-metal and composite Materials Research Institute, Western Research Institute and other professional scientific research team and advanced test equipment. It can carry out theoretical research, simulation design, mechanism law, evaluation and prediction, integrity evaluation and other aspects of experimental research and analysis and testing of oil pipe and equipment.

Main functions of the State Key Laboratory:

1. Formulate the budget of state key laboratories and implement the budget indicators.

2. To administer centrally the research institutes and general offices of the State Key Laboratory.

3. Responsible for reporting and coordinating related work of superior departments.

4. Responsible for the organization and implementation of national, group and Shaanxi laboratory evaluation.

5. Responsible for the planning and implementation of the research platform construction of the state key laboratory.

6. Responsible for the formulation and implementation of national key laboratory construction projects and local supporting projects.

7. Organize the establishment, demonstration and inspection of state key laboratory opening fund projects.

8. Responsible for scientific and technological cooperation of state key laboratories.

9. Responsible for the management of academic exchanges in state key laboratories.

10. Formulate rules and regulations for the management of state key laboratories.

11. Responsible for the operation and management of the postdoctoral workstation.

12. State Key Laboratory of QHSE centralized management.

13. Centralized management of equipment assets of state key laboratories.

14. Science and Technology Project Management of State Key Laboratory.

15. Daily management of China Pipeline Research Organization (CPRO).

16. Responsible for science and technology statistics, annual reports and summaries of the State Key Laboratory.


Executive Deputy Chief, Party branch secretary: Ma Qiurong; Tel: (+86)029-81887899; Email:

Deputy Chief: Luo Jinheng; Tel: (+86)029-81887989; Email:

Deputy Chief: Chi Qiang; Tel: (+86)029-81887675; Email:

Deputy Chief: Han Lihong; Tel: (+86)029-81887660; Email:

Deputy Chief: Yin Chengxian; Tel: (+86)029-81887828; Email:

General Office of The State Labrotory, Contact:

Director: Gong Shaotao; Tel:(+86)029-81887691; Email: