Working Responsibilities:
(1) Policy research and discipline construction, provide support for leaders' decision-making.
(2) Organize, arrange important work and big events.
(3) Check and supervise great decision, meeting proposals and the result of important affairs.
(4) Organize and coordinate meetings such as delegates’ congress, Party congress, work congress etc.
(5) Coordinate routine work and business affairs of deputy chief engineer and above.
(6) Responsible for Secretary and routine administrative management and for official stamp, papers' printing & distribution, receiving & circulation.
(7) Party construction, discipline inspection and supervision, labor union and Youth League routine work organization.
(8) Foreign affairs management. Responsible for abroad project and formality and organize abroad education, important foreign reception task.
(9) Public relationship construction. Responsible for communication with upper authority, local government department and manage public donation etc.
(10) Responsible for reception of Bureau leader visit.
(11) Propaganda. Responsible for organization& review of web portal.
(12) Enterprise culture & spirit construction.
(13) Keep stability and the united front work.
(14) Emergency dealing & processing.
(15) Information & file management.
(16) Routine work of confidential committee.
Deputy Director: Chen Juanli Tel:029-81887708; Email: