Working Responsibilities:
(1) Financial system management and relevant details development, budget and assessment system management.
(2) Funds management. Guarantee scientific research, operation and management to carry out normally.
(3) Budget control. Organize annual, quarter budget plan and control budget enforcement.
(4) Accounting concentrated management. Normalize cost accounting, submit kinds of accounting report and provide accounting information timely.
(5) Current assets, fixed assets, intangible assets and foreign investment management, avoid national assets loss.
(6) Tax management. Organize relevant tax accounting, have research on tax policy and endeavor to policy good for TGRI.
(7) Commercial insurance management. Organize insurance plan and budget, carry out group insurance requirements.
(8) Housing funds management. Staff housing funds payment, adjusting and transfer business.
(9) Capital operation management. According to the relevant laws and regulations of the state, as well as the relevant regulations of CNPC and theTGRI, organize the relevant businesses.
(10) Medical insurance funds management and medical expenses payment.
(11) Supervise contract price according to price system.
(12) Supervision on subsidiary finance. Check, supervise subsidiary financial operation, guarantee financial system to be carried out and avoid financial risk.
(13) Allover accounting and operator training, examination and allocation.
(14) Budget committee routine work.

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