Institute of Corrosion and Protection

1. Oil pipe corrosion failure analysis and prediction and prevention technology.

2. Study on H2S, CO2 and bacterial corrosion behavior and mechanism of petroleum pipes in high temperature and high pressure environment.

3. Wellbore corrosion evaluation and treatment technology of water injection, CO2, N2, air and multiple fluids.

4. Study on corrosion and stress corrosion cracking behavior of full-size physical oil casing string.

5. Study on corrosion evaluation technology and material selection of oil pipe.

6. Development and application of oil casing remanufacturing and intelligent repair technology.

7. Corrosion integrity technology for oil and gas field downhole and surface systems.

8. Development and application of coating coatings for underground and surface systems of oil and gas fields.

9. Research and development, promotion and application of corrosion inhibitors for underground and surface systems of oil and gas fields.

10. Development and application of economical corrosion resistant alloys in oil and gas field underground and surface systems.

11.pipeline corrosion monitoring/testing and cathodic protection technology.

12.Study on soil stress corrosion cracking and stray current corrosion behavior of long distance transmission pipeline.

13.Third-party testing of petroleum pipes and anti-corrosion products by the National Laboratory.

14.oil and gas industry corrosion and protection standards preparation and revision.

15. Operation of National Oil and Gas Field and Pipeline Corrosion and Protection Professional Committee.

Institute of Refining and Chemical Equipment and Materials

1. Failure analysis, prediction and prevention technology of refinery pipelines and devices.

2. Study on Corrosion Behavior and Mechanism of Refining Pipeline and Equipment

3. Material selection and applicability evaluation technology of refining pipelines and devices.

4. Refining and chemical pipeline and device monitoring/testing technology.

5. Study on mechanism of hydrogen damage in hydrogenation system and corrosion in high temperature hydrogen environment.

6. Probabilistic risk assessment technology for typical pressure equipment.

7. Development and application of anticorrosive/scale and corrosion inhibitor for refinery pipeline and equipment.

8. Development and application of coating/coating technology for refining pipelines and devices.

9. Development and application of new composite materials for refining pipelines and devices.

10. Third party testing of refining and chemical materials and anticorrosive products by the national laboratory.

11. Integrity evaluation of refinery pipelines and devices.

12. Research and development of anti-corrosion database and early warning platform for refining pipelines and devices.


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