National Oil Tubular Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center is national professional technical institute which engages in tubular goods quality supervision and inspection, it is an authorized quality inspection institute by “national product quality supervision & inspection center authorized management regulations” of China certification supervision management committee to undertake quality inspection, product quality dispute arbitration in governmental organized product quality random check; it is on behalf of national product quality supervision & inspection center to deliver demonstrative data and result to society.
    The center is approved by national certification committee (Doc. [2004] No.164.) to establish in July 2004; in March 2005 it is on the base of Special Oil Tubular Goods quality supervision & inspection center in oil industry and is approved by laboratory, calibration and review certification of national certification committee, then gets the authorization; in Nov. 2006, it is approved to establish by a joint document [2006] No.518 issued by General Administration of Quality Supervision and national certification committee.
    National Oil Tubular Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center authorized certificate number: (2013) No.278.
    Authorized products are as follows:
    (1) Tubular goods: casing& oil tube, drilling pipe, drilling pipe connector, drilling sting conversion connection, drilling collar, integral heavy weight drill pipe, kelly bar, drill stabilizer, oil thread gauge, line pipe, high frequency welding spiral tube, submerged arc welded steel pipe, seam welded steel pipe, seamless steel pipe, drill tool thread compound, casing thread compound, oil steel wire, logging wire.
    (2) Mechanism performance: tensile test, impulse test, hardness test, fatigue test, fracture toughness test, chemical component and metallographic analysis etc.
    (3) Nondestructive testing: ultrasonic testing, X-ray testing and magnetic powder test.

    In addition, according to laboratory certification (CMA certificate number 2013002469Z) and laboratory certification (CNAS certificate number L1555)
    Inspection and calibration lab certification
    Lab certificate number: L1555, expiry date: 2016-04-17
    Quality certificate number: 2006002469Z expiry date: 2016-05-02
    Quality certificate number: (2006) national certification committee No. 278, expiry date: 2016-05-02
    Besides quality center authorization, National Oil Tubular Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center had inspection certification on thread gauge, oil pumping pipe, metal material & product, oil inhibitor, external coating and pipeline inspection, anti-corrosion coating inspection, girth weld inspection, cathode protection inspection etc.
    National pressure pipe component manufacture certification & evaluation institute and …certification number: TSZP10048-2013、TS7610041-2017.
    Review scope:
    1. pressure pipe component manufacture
    2. A, B seamless steel pipe, weld pipe, non-metal and non-metal composite pressure pipe component(tubular goods, pipe fittings) steel seamless pipe fitting,
    3. B level of seamed fittings

    Pattern test product scope:
    1. Steel pipe: seamless steel pipe, weld pipe
    2. Fitting: steel seamless fitting, steel seamed fitting
    3. Anti-corrosion pressure pipe component(limited to oil& gas pipe and fitting)
    4. Pressure pipe special material: pressure pipe special steel plate

    Personnel and equipment:
    National Oil Tubular Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center has a professional technical team with reasonable structure in a high level, there are 72 staff, technical staff take up 90%. It has sets of equipment which is worth over 80 million of international advanced level of oil tube inspection and test, equipment total number is over 300 sets. Among them, oil tube full scale physical test system, thread inspection and value delivery system, corrosion test system in high pressure& temperature are all at international advanced level.
    National Oil Tubular Goods Quality Supervision and Inspection Center has strong technology force, advanced inspection equipment; it also has perfect quality assurance system and with extensive reputation and profound influence, it has fruitful achievements in oil tubular goods S&R and in quality supervision.