Beijing Longshine Oil Tubular Technology Co. Ltd of which former corporation is mill supervision department of TGRI, it is approved by CNPC to establish and it has become the subsidiary of TGRI in March, 2004.

Beijing Longshine Oil Tubular Technology Co. Ltd is engaged in tubular goods and relevant product mill supervision, field technical service and technical consultation, it is the professional corporation in national tubular goods mill supervision that starts business earliest, gets most achievements and has solid technical force, it enjoys a good reputation in industry and takes larger market.

Relying on TGRI support, Longshine Oil Tubular Technology Co. Ltd has participated in CNPC, CPCC and local corporations’ great research subject, accomplished many steel pipe & relevant product technical standards development and revise, which provides technical support for pipeline construction corporation, pipe fitting manufacturer and resolves field problems that covers whole procedure of pipeline design, manufacturing, installation and operation of material selection of pipeline design, steel pipe and relevant product purchase consultation, production procedure quality supervision, pipeline fix and installation, pipeline operation safety evaluation.

Beijing Longshine Oil Tubular Technology Co. Ltd has obtained the qualification certificates of equipment supervision units in 2008. They have the class A qualification of supervision units for the oil and gas storage and pipeline engineering; and also have the class B qualification of supervision units for oil and gas storage and transportation equipment oil well tubes (manufacturing) on the sea.

Now, it has 196 staff, including 19 doctors, postgraduates in total and 131 graduates. 54 national registered equipment supervisors; 4 PMI&PMP qualified persons; 15 professorate  &senior engineers;33 engineers; 162 staff obtain national, industry equipment supervision qualification;  over 200 sets of inspection equipment.

From 1994 till now, Beijing Longshine Oil Tubular Technology Co. Ltd has finished the mill quality supervision and quality inspection missions of more than 100 long-distance oil and gas pipelines which were the national and local government key construction projects and completed the supervision of pipeline more than 6 km in length and the totally weighted more than 16 million tons.

The steel pipes and relevant production supervision involved in more than 20 overseas manufacturers such as United States, Germany, Italy, Belgium, Japan, Korea, India, Sweden and in more than 40 domestic manufacturers such as Huayou(Qing County), Baoji, Liaoyang, Shashi, Shengli, Ziyang, Panyu (Zhujiang River), Jinxi Huludao, the North Sea of Pangang, Tianjin Big seamless, Chengdu seamless.

The representative projects are as follows:

(1) The projects of China National Petroleum Corporation
West-East  1,2,3 Gas Transmission Pipeline, Shaanxi-Beijing the first, Second & third Pipeline , Se-Ning-Lan Pipeline, Central Asia Pipeline, t he Western Crude Oil and Refined Oil Pipelines, Lan-Cheng-Yu Pipeline, Lan-Zheng-Chang Pipeline projects etc.
(2) The projects of China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation
Sichuan Gas-East Pipeline , along Yangzi River and the Southwest Refined Oil Pipeline , Yong-Ning-Hu Pipeline and Hejian - Shijiazhuang Pipeline projects, Rizhao-Yizheng Pipeline, Huangdao/Dongjiakou-Lanshan oil pipeline, Tianjin and Gaungxi projects, etc.
(3) The projects of China National Offshore Oil Corporation Lishui subsea pipeline, Panyu Huizhou Subsea Pipeline Project , Chunxiao subsea Pipeline Project, Wenchang Poject,  Weizhou Sub-sea Pipeline Project, Bo-Xi Pipeline Projects and Guangdong LNG Project, etc.
(4) Natural Gas Pipeline Network Projects for provinces and cities Shanghai, Shaanxi, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Xian, Hangzhou, Jinan, Guangzhou, Baoji, Baotou, Changzhou and so on.

Meanwhile, Longshine provides the supervision and inspection services in the tubing, casing, drilling tools, etc. for the CNPC, the Sinopec, CNOOC and many customers at home and abroad​

The Longshine sticks to credit for image, talent for development, supervision with justice, service with enthusiasm and improve management continuously to make classic project.

The company has ensured the quality of supervision, product check reliably and made sure 100% products are under control. Longshine sincerely look forward to provide customers the best service.

The company has obtained numbers of honors and awards from the country, the China National Petroleum Corporation and oil industry. They are:
In Aug. 2012, the company project of Shaanxi-Beijing third gas pipeline steel pipe equipment supervision got “national excellent project achievement” issued by equipment supervision association;
In July 2012, got  “national award of Labor Day”;
In Aug. 2011, the company project of West-East technology &application got “national S&T award” issued by national council of PRC;
In Dec. 2010, got “the first national excellent equipment supervision group” issued by equipment supervision association;
In April 2010, got “outstanding group” issued by CNPC;
In December 2008, the company got the title of "the advanced group of ideological and political working" which was issued by China National Petroleum Corporation;
In June 2007, the company got the title "Excellent Supplier in the JINING Pipeline Project of West-East Project" which issued by China Petroleum West-East Gas Pipeline Company;
In July 2006, the company was awarded " SHIWU 'outstanding quality management project" by the China National Petroleum Corporation;
In January 2005, the company got the title of "the advanced group of west-east Project" which was awarded by the China National Petroleum Corporation;
In December 2004, the company was awarded "the Advanced Group of West-east project" by the National West- East Gas Pipeline construction leader team.

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 Secretary of Party Branch: Li Jike, Tel: 029-81887863 Email:

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